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The 2016 International Project Management Day was a great success! If you were able to make it out to the event, we hope you enjoyed it. Thank you to the attendees, the vendors, and the volunteers!

As a member of PMI Rio Grande Chapter, please enjoy access to all of the presentations and materials from the 2016 IPMD. 



A Special Thank you to our sponsors!







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Download Documents Below


document 1 - Keynote Presentation - Milton Bluehouse Popular

By 135 downloads

Download (pptx, 355 KB)

PMIRGC Keynote Presentation.pptx

spreadsheet Art Burger - Stakeholder Exercise Handout Popular

By 118 downloads

Download (xlsx, 10 KB)


document Art Burger - The Pleasure and Pain of Working With Stakeholders Presentation

By 88 downloads

Download (pptx, 218 KB)


document Bill Resnik - SMART Requirements Presentation Popular

By 279 downloads

Download (pptx, 8.52 MB)

SMART Requirements 110416.pptx

document David Sais - DesignThinker Presentation Popular

By 160 downloads

Download (pptx, 2.00 MB)

IPMD 2016 - DesignThinker Presentation Final UNC 2.pptx

document Dina Hanna - The Link to a Record Setting RAAM Performance! Popular

By 126 downloads

Download (ppt, 17.19 MB)

RAAM 2016 PM presentation.ppt

document DJ Heckes - Leadership Workbook hand out 2016 Popular

By 171 downloads

Download (docx, 1011 KB)

Leadership Workbook hand out_2016.docx

document DJ Heckes - The 5 Levels of Leadership for Influencing Others Popular

By 256 downloads

Download (ppt, 8 MB)

The 5 Levels of Leadership for Influencing Others_IMPD_11.3.16 NO NOTES_....ppt

document DJ Heckes - The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Handout Popular

By 159 downloads

Download (docx, 284 KB)

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People- handout.docx

document DJ Heckes - The 9 WHYs Handout Popular

By 113 downloads

Download (docx, 153 KB)

The 9 WHYs_handout.docx

pdf Ildikó Oravecz & Gail Summers - Three Easy Steps Handout Popular

By 128 downloads

Download (pdf, 860 KB)

Ildi_Gail Handout.pdf

document Ildikó Oravecz & Gail Summers - Three Easy Steps Presentation Popular

By 222 downloads

document Julie Gabaldon - Quality New Mexico Popular

By 144 downloads

Download (pptx, 14.07 MB)

QNM PPT PMI 10.26.16jg (3).pptx

document Leon Spackman - Quality Management Plan Presentation Popular

By 120 downloads

Download (pptx, 4.52 MB)

IPD 2016 Leon Quality Management Plan.pptx

document Patrick Foley - The Art of Project Data Popular

By 328 downloads

Download (ppt, 5 MB)

Art of Project Data - Foley.ppt

document Shauna Rampley - Soaring Eagle Institutes "How your Brain Aligns with Leadership" Popular

By 107 downloads

Download (ppt, 5.63 MB)

Rampley PowerPoint-IPMD-PT.ppt

pdf Shauna Rampley - Stop Self Sabotage Handout Popular

By 189 downloads

Download (pdf, 685 KB)

RampleyHandout-IPMD-Stop Self-Sabotage-Nov2016.pdf

document Stacy Sacco - Maximizing Your Personal & Professional ROI Presentation Popular

By 290 downloads

Download (ppt, 3 MB)

SACCO PMI Presentation 2016.ppt

document TK O'Geary - Leadership on Fire Handout Popular

By 133 downloads

Download (pptx, 249 KB)

Leadership on Fire handout with blue flame.pptx

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