Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Question (Q):  I heard that as a PMI member, I have access to site as part of my membership.

Answer (A): is now part of the PMI family but our sites are run completely separate with separate membership databases.  If you're trying to access our site with your PMI credentials, please follow the instructions below.

1. Please go to

2. Select PMI LOGIN (blue box with PMI logo) you will be directed to a new web page

3. Enter your username and password

                *If you’ve forgotten your username/password, click “Forgot username?  Forgot password?” Otherwise you can email PMI directly at to retrieve your login information.

4. Click “Log In”

5. You will be redirected back to the "Existing Membership?" page and prompted to enter your login.

                * If you have an existing account, please enter your login information.

                * If you DO NOT have an existing account, or you've forgotten your login information, then please press the “Skip this” button and complete your registration.


Q: What happens when PMI audits my PMP application?

A): In the event that a candidate is selected for the audit process PMI will provide specific forms to the candidates to verify their experience listed on the application form. Candidates will have to send the forms to the verifier and upon completion the verifier will return the forms to the candidate and candidate gather entire information and returns to PMI in one package. Once received PMI will review all material within 5 business days and respond directly to the candidate with the outcome of the audit process.

Q: What is the PMIRGC component Code?

Q: My employer asked you about PMI’s involvement in Government Lobbying (for conflict of interest or cost reimbursement purposes)
(This is PMI’S answer from their Legal Counsel) PMI engages in lobbying with the federal government.  The Internal Revenue Code ("IRC") does not provide for a deduction for any expenses related to lobbying by a corporation. The tax law has a specific provision regarding associations that requires either that (1) associations pay a tax on the income they receive for lobbying purposes or (2) associations notify the member of the percentage of dues that are used for lobbying, which may not be deducted by the member.  PMI has opted for option #1 and pays taxes so there is nothing to notify members about regarding allocation percentages.  PMI does not put the burden on its members.

Q:  Can I just walk in to a Chapter breakfast or Chapter dinner meeting? I forgot to register.

A: Yes, you can, but it will cost a member $5 extra at the door for the Chapter dinner meeting (there is no charge for the breakfast meeting, just purchase a breakfast). Pre-registering assists us in ordering enough food and in determining the correct room size.

Q:  How long does it take when I sign up before I can log in to your website?
A:  I could be overnight or a few days.  The registration must come from PMI's database into our Chapter's website. If you are having problems, please contact the VP of Communications..

Q:  How do I get the member discounts?

A:  You must login as a member before you register for the event.  Once you are logged in, the price should automatically adjust for the member discount.

Q:  How do I post a job that I have available?

A:  Fill out the PMIRGC Job Submission form.

Q:  How do I look for a job that may be posted?
Log in as a member and the Job Bank is located under the 'Members' tab.

Q:  Log in to see Chapter dinner and breakfast presentation slides.
A:  Click here (Home page, 'Members' menu tab, Chapter presentations)

Q: Where can I get a copy of the PMBOK?
A:  Members can log in to download your free copy of the PMBOK 5.0 Click here

Q. I didn't get a PDU form for the Breakfast meeting, how do I record my PDU's?
It is not required that you have a 'document' for the Breakfast meeting PDU. Please follow the same instructions as if you were recording Chapter meeting PDU's. click here.  There is a history on the PMIRGC website of the events you signed up for. Just 'log in' and go to 'Member Menu', and 'My Registrations'.

Q. How many PDU's do I get for giving a presentation to PMIRGC?
A. Under CATEGORY D:  Creating New Project Management Knowledge - The presentation is self-report.  1 PDU for every 1 hr spent preparing/presenting"Both the time required to prepare or create this knowledge and the time to present it
can be claimed for PDUs. For example, when serving as a speaker, if a credential holder spent 7.5 hours to create their presentation and 1 hour to deliver it, this would count for 8.5 PDUs. The PDUs claimed in this category count against the maximum of 45 PDUs (or, 20
PDUs for PMI-RMP and PMI-SP) allowed for “Giving Back to the Profession” categories (Categories D, E, and F)."

Q. Do you have an AOL or Earthlink e-mail address?
A. If so, please double check that e-mails from PMIRGC are reaching you. We have experienced a significant number of blocked addresses and returned mail from these two providers in particular. The addresses from which PMIRGC e-mails come, including newsletters and other notifications, are: "PMI Rio Grande Chapter" [Email]. You might also have these to your approved lists. Domain name:;  IP address:
Please be sure to adjust your account settings, or notify your providers, to allow e-mail from these addresses to come through. Newsletters are also available for viewing on the website under the 'About Us' tab..

Q. How do I change my password for this website?
A. Log in, then click on  'My Account' in the 'Member Menu' module on the left column of the home page. Then hover over 'edit' and click on 'update your profile'. You will be able to change your password there.

Q. If I join PMI, does that give me the PMIRGC discounts?
A. No, you must also join the PMIRGC Chapter for $20 per year. Click here to join. You must be a PMI member to join a local chapter. Click here to see if you qualify for a free guest pass.

Q. Can I join PMIRGC at any time of year?
A. Yes, but be aware that the PMIRGC membership will expire when your PMI membership comes up for renewal, which could be less that one year.  The PMI and chapter memberships are set up to be on the same cycle.

Q. Can I pay for more than one event?
A: Yes, you can register for multiple events at the same time. Go through the general process of event registration and at the checkout step, the system will ask you if you want to add any more events to the cart or want to checkout with the current selection. And from there, you can choose what you want to do next.

Q. Can I pay for multiple PMI members on one credit card transaction?
A. Yes, several PMI member registrations can be paid for with one credit card transaction. You will need each PMI member's number and name to add them in the event Checkout.

Q. Can I use my American Express for registration payment?
A. Yes, we have added American Express to the credit card processing for event payments.

Q. How do I update my contact information on this website?
A. Please make changes to your contact information at We download your contact information from PMI daily to the website. Updating your contact at will ensure that we have your latest information and that you receive our notifications at the email address of your choice.

Q. Why should I obtain a PMP credential?
Click here to read great article that addresses this question.  And click here to get more information from the PMI site. There is also more information in 'Pulse of the Profession'. Click here to see the article, "Should I pursue a PM Certificate?"

Q. Can I pay at the door for a Chapter Meeting?
A. Yes, with our new venue choice of the Sandia Casino & Resort, it is now possible for us to take walk ins, but there will be no member discount at the door.  Sandia Resort can give us better service if we avoid last minute changes. Please try to register on time.

Q. Do you have to be a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) to become a PMIRGC member?  No, all you have to do is complete a membership application and pay the annual PMI and PMIRGC dues. Application for membership can be made either online or via mail. Click here for more information.

Q. Do I have to be a PMIRGC member to attend events and training classes?
A. No,  You are not required to join PMIRGC to attend events, but you will not receive discounts and the benefits of the members only site. We welcome all who are interested in the project management profession.

Q. How do I claim PDU's for the new PMI On-Demand (ODW) webinars?
A. Please follow these instructions:

•             Log in to with your username and password.

•             Click on “Report PDU” link

•             Under "Report Professional Development Units"; Select PDU category: Category A: PMI Registered Education Providers/ PMI Components

•             Select Activity type: Find an activity

•             Perform Activity number search – ODW (select the correct webinar from the list)

•             Enter Activity date completed, Activity title, and Activity Number

•             Claim 1 PDU for every hour

Q. Where do you get the pictures for your site?
A. Some are taken by chapter volunteers and some are from (public domain photos)

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