Upcoming PDU Opportunities

TITLE # of PDUs DATE Registration Link
Breakfast Tuesday Meeting 1 PDU 1/9/2018 Register Now!
Chapter Dinner Thursday Meeting 1.5 PDUs 1/18/2018 Register Now!
Breakfast Tuesday Meeting 1 PDU 2/13/2018 Register Now!
Chapter Dinner Thursday Meeting 1.5 PDUs 2/15/2018 Register Now!
Breakfast Tuesday Meeting 1 PDU 3/13/2018 Register Now!
Chapter Dinner Thursday Meeting 1.5 PDUs 3/15/2018 Register Now!
Breakfast Tuesday Meeting 1 PDU 4/10/2018 Register Now!
Chapter Dinner Thursday Meeting 1.5 PDUs 4/19/2018 Register Now!
Breakfast Tuesday Meeting 1 PDU 5/8/2018 Register Now!
Chapter Dinner Thursday Meeting 1.5 PDUs 5/17/2018 Register Now!

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About Our New PDU Liasion

Purpose: PMIRGC recognized the need for a director-level position (PDU Liaison) that rendered assistance in getting members certified through PMI as well as maintaining those credentials. The latest change to the PDU structure provided an opportunity to bring in an expert on the PDU structure to take the mystery out of getting PDUs and maintaining credentials. The PDU Liaison is also responsible for assisting the Board in getting PMIRGC-specific PDUs registered at PMI so that all attendees can easily and readily apply them towards their credential maintenance.

About the PDU Liaison: Randi Krueger has been a member of PMIRGC since 2014 and has served in a volunteer capacity since 2015. Randi has 3 different PMI certifications, gained expertise in writing applications, and applying PDUs across several different credentials. She looks forward to assisting PMIRGC members in getting and maintaining their credentials, which will set them up for success as they progress in their career and personal development.

This program is intended as a resource for all our members. Feel free to reach out to Randi with any questions on PDUs specific to your situation. She can be reached at pdu@pmirgc.org.

How to Claim PDUs

  • Log onto https://ccrs.pmi.org/ using your PMI-registered user name and password.
  • Click on “Report PDUs” from the left menu.
  • Click "Course or Training" under the Education heading.
  • Type in the Provider ID for Rio Grande Chapter, which is C033.
  • Type in the Activity ID that is provided to you after completion of the event.
  • Type in the Date Started and Date Completed values that are provided to you after the event.
  • Click the up arrow under the talent triangle that is provided to you after completion of the event. The PDU amount will also be provided to you after completion of the event.
  • Click the checkbox "I agree this claim is accurate" and submit.

Detailed PDU Information

The PDU requirements align with the new Talent Triangle. Detailed information about CCR requirements can be found HERE.

How to Prevent Issues with Reporting Your PDUs

PDU reporting errors usually result from two specific discrepancies in data.

  • Member Name Reported. There is a difference between the name used to register for an event and the member’s “official” name on file at PMI Global. During registration you will be asked to confirm that your registration name is the same as your official member name on the PMI Global site. (Using your official name helps prevent reporting errors). If you prefer not to use your official member name when registering for an event, there is a place in the process for members to indicate an alternate name for their name badge.
  • Membership vs. Credential Number. Use your membership number. There is a difference between your membership number and your credential (certification) number. These are not the same -- and your credential number may be the same as someone else’s member number! You can find both your PMI ID and your Credential number on the dashboard page when you log in at https://ccrs.pmi.org. During registration, enter your member number. If there is a “number” mismatch when we report the PDUs, it will err out and we will be unable to complete the process for you. If this happens, you should receive an email with information to self-report the event’s PDU(s).

Webinars from ProjectManagement.com

  • Kaizen: Leading Change for the Better
    Kaizen simply means "change for better". When Kaizen is applied through a consistent and sustained program of successful Kaizen events, it teaches employees to think differently about their work.
  • It's Hard Being Agile While Getting Drenched in a Waterfall
    The Manifesto for Agile Software Development might have been written for software development, but did you know that agile was based on lean, servant-leadership and other principles which can be applied to any type of project? This webinar will cover agile behaviors, practices and techniques which can be used regardless of industry or project delivery approach.
  • How a Canadian Project Recognized for Excellence Freezes Challenges for Icy Results
    The Gahcho Kué Project created the largest new diamond mine constructed in the world since 2003. In one of the world's harshest climates, the project was successfully completed two months ahead of schedule. This project achieved its goals even with several chilling challenges. The Gahcho Kué project was awarded as a 2017 PMI Project of the Year Finalist. Learn about this awarded project's challenges, best practices, and lessons learned in this webinar.
  • How to Manage a Frugal Innovation Project
    The current model is challenging. We keep creating products that no one really needs that produce waste that nobody wants. Furthermore, we need to start concentrating on the conditions that people live in and what goods and services meet those conditions. This webinar will describe to you what frugal innovation is, why this is important, and the approaches a Project Manager can take to master such projects. What you will get: * An understanding what frugal innovation is about * Why we can expect such projects escalating * What approaches a Project Manager must take with such initiatives * Hopefully broaden your ability to take on such projects in the future.
  • Balancing Planning and Execution in Change Projects
    In this webinar we will discuss the effects of the common planning practices, the importance of execution and how to better balance the two so that the ultimate objective of successful project completion is better realized.
  • Blockchain Overview - Opportunities and Challenges for Project Managers
    An explanation of blockchain both on the technical level and the business level. This technology will be described and explore the business use cases where blockchain technology is seen to be of great value. Blockchain projects will grow exponentially in the future; as such, project managers will benefit from better understanding the technical and business sides of blockchain.
  • Using LEAN: Aligning Initiatives to Business Strategy
    LEAN has been used primarily in manufacturing industries, however, recent trend is to use it for service industries as well, for identifying waste in processes and making the process robust and efficient, which in-turn drives the business requirements, aligning the requirements to project objectives thru LEAN.
  • Risk Management - Introduction, Awareness, and Best Practices
    This webinar will provide a full view and understanding of Risk Management. New practitioners will find this webinar informative and immediately useful in their work. Experienced project managers will benefit from a refresher on risk management, as well as receive actionable best practices they can put to work today.
  • Project HEADWAY: A Guide To Getting Started for the New PMO Manager
    Congratulations! You're the new manager of a PMO. Even as you celebrate your promotion, expectations are being created. Responding to and managing those expectations is going to be critical to your on-going success. This presentation provides the new PMO manager with a guide to setting goals, setting direction and seeing success.
  • February 2018 Book Club Q and A Closing Webinar - Implementing Positive Organizational Change - A Strategic Project Management Approach
    Closing Q and A webinar for February 2018 Book Club on Implementing Positive Organizational Change - A Strategic Project Management Approach by Gina Abudi.
  • Communication: The Key to Project Success
    Communication is the building block of business relationships. The communication can range from face-to-face meetings, conference calls, emails and presentations. In all such scenarios it is vital for the Project Manager to get his/her message across to the audience.
  • How an Awarded Australian Project Executed a Model for the Future
    One of the 2017 PMI Award for Project Excellence winners, ICT fitout delivered 'As a Service' for 1 William Street, saw Dimension Data develop an industry-first technology solution for the Queensland State Government that has provided a benchmark platform that can be readily applied across all state-owned building into the future. Despite challenges, such as having to deal with a large and diverse subcontract base which introduced complexity and potential cost implications, the project was delivered on time and on budget. Learn about this award winning project's challenges, best practices, and lessons learned in this webinar.
  • Project HEADWAY: It's About The People, Stupid
    Executives and managers get excited about transformation. Whether that's about developing a digital strategy, championing improvements or finding efficiencies, change efforts abound. The promises made are significant, and the investments are large as well. Every change effort succeeds or fails, however, based on the support of people. Explore the strategies that can actually make your transformation successful.
  • How To Manage a General Data Protection Regulation Project
    On the 25th of May, the European Union will start enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).This webinar will provide you with a high-level description of GDPR and will continue to describe what effect this has for projects, programs and portfolios that deal with the processing of personal data of anyone who is residing in the EU.